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Sound design
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Sound design
Field recording
Location sound

I design sound for film all throughout the production process 
- from pre to post.  
This means creating a strong sound concept on script level that support the story, recording this on set next to custom field recordings and finally mix it in post to serve the narrative. 

In short this is: 
- Sound design concept from script analysis 
- Recording on set (Dialogue and Surroundings) 
- Post production sound (Dialogue editing, Foley, SFX and Mix)

I'm also available for field recording.


‘t Water Moge Stijgen / ​Sound recordist and post sound 
Shortfilm about the “de slag om de schelde” with support from Zeeland  Film Commission. 

Leve de Vrouw van de SRV / ​Post sound 
48 minute documentary about Tonny and her driving supermarket on NPO 2. The  documentary was also screened as part of the IDFA competition for Student  documentary.  I recorded surround ambiences for the different locations in the film. I  cleaned the dialogue, added Foley, SFX and ambiences and mixed it for television and cinema.
Link (NPO)
Link (IDFA)

Beenlampman / ​Boom operator and SFX editor
41 minute telefilm about Jos Tax making a lamp of his amputated leg.  Produced by Kepler film and directed by Kurt Platvoet. The film was  screened on NPO 3.  I was boom operator for the Production sound mixer, Sam Huisman. In  post I was sound editor, particularly for elements of the ambiences. 
Link (NFF)

Kuthoer / ​SFX editor
85 minute telefilm about the author Femke who takes revenge against  mean social media posts. The film was screened on NPO 3.  I was sound editor, particularly for ambience elements.
Link (NPO)

Comedy in Minor Key / ​Sound Recordist and Sound designer
A dark comedy set in the second world war about a couple in Vriesland  having a Jewish man in hiding.  I did on set sound recording, dialogue editing, Foley, ambiences and SFX.  The film was mixed by Bart Jilesen. 
Link (


HKU University of Arts / ​Sound design
2015 - 2019, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Degree: Bachelor in Sound Design 

Engelsholm College of Arts ​/ Electronic Music Composition
2013, Engelsholm, Denmark
I followed the courses in Electronic music composition. 

Rosborg Gymnasium ​/ English and Music
2009 - 2012, Vejle, Denmark
Main subjects were English and Music